Three Easy Tips for Cheap Airport Parking

Choosing a place to park your car is always a traveler’s problem. Finding the best parking is one thing, but these parking spaces could amount to some serious cash. Remember, you have to plan this long before you step inside the airport. Finding an affordable and safe parking requires your due diligence.

Here are three tips to get affordable airport parking!

1. Off-site Parking Area = Usually the Cheapest.  

If you have no one to drive you to the airport, there are a lot of alternatives to getting there, such as using a cab, Uber, or public transportation, but bringing yourself there always gives you that sense of security. There are plenty of off-site parking areas with shuttle services to the airport. These parking areas are usually very close to the airport, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being late for your flight. Since they’re third-party areas, they shouldn’t charge as much as the airport terminal when it comes to parking.

2. Hotels with Free Parking

If you’re willing to pay a little extra, a hotel near the airport could be the one for you. With security and maintenance, leaving your car could be very secure depending on the hotel you choose. As long as you’re willing to pay the fee, you could even get some rest before your flight!

3. Car Rentals

If you’re still thinking of driving yourself to the airport, there’s always the option of renting a car from a service near the airport. You can always drive yourself to the terminal, check in, and return the vehicle before your departure.

These tips can greatly help you minimize the cost of bringing yourself to the airport, with or without your car!


Stuck in the Airport? Here are four things to do While Waiting for Your Flight

Ask any traveler. Layovers are such a bore, especially when you have nothing planned. People tend to sleep on chairs while hugging their bags or walk around to see what the airport has to offer. Upon hearing a question about their layover, people usually say it was “incredibly long,” “boring,” or even “excruciating,” at times.

How do you overcome this? Fortunately, here are four things you can do to make everything better while waiting for your flight.

1. Photography


Taking pictures could be your saving grace especially if you’re a photographer. The airports of the world have so much to offer because of their multi-lingual signs and diverse set of people. Why not bring out your camera and make those historic photos! You’re in an airport of a foreign country! Take this chance to take pictures for remembrance or your portfolio!

2. Observe


Culture is what sets a country apart from another. This is a unique chance to learn new things about the world. Listen to a different language. Look at how people show their affections for others. Are the people at the airport polite? Loud? Do they smell funny? All these things contribute to a whole new experience.

3. Window Shopping


Window Shopping is surprisingly entertaining especially if you have nothing to do. You can find duty free stores and designer brands right next to your gate, so give them a try! If you have some extra cash to spare, why not buy some stuff? If not, there’s always the experience of seeing something new of finding some travel pillow to use on the plane. The opportunities are endless!

4. Free Wi-Fi


This is probably everyone’s favorite on this list. Depending on the airport you’re in, it can be pretty easy to get some free Internet although other countries aren’t as generous. Airports in some countries like Canada and Germany permit free access as long as you log in, while other nations like China require you to purchase a premium account for web browsing.

If you’re able to get Wi-fi, good for you! It’s the fastest way to pass the time especially when you’re checking your social media accounts and watching videos.

Don’t forget to be mindful of your surroundings! Even if you’re having fun while waiting, you can’t afford to miss your flight!