Our master explorers have a treat for you! We’ve covered a huge amount of countries and amazing continents for your explorations!

Here’s a summary of the most amazing places in the world we’d recommend in a heartbeat.

New Zealand


This is the complete package. You can find everything in New Zealand from, water sports, and mountain climbing to beautiful scenery. New Zealand has everything, plus it’s easy to get a working visa! Seizing the Kiwi dream has never been this easy!



Everything you need is found in Asia, from religious temples to iconic locations from your favorite history books. It’s all about nature. Booming with biodiversity and breathtaking bodies of land and water, Asia is the best place to go for backpackers and wanderers seeking a one of a kind adventure. You’ll even get a lifetime’s worth of tanning in the best tropical locations!

North America


If you want to go through bustling cities and urban landscapes sandwiched between lakes and valleys, going to North America is the trip for you! We have everything you need, from flight bookings, hotel reservations in USA and Canada, to travel destination guides! What are you waiting for?



Why miss out a chance to go to The Land Down Under? With its deadly snakes and friendly kangaroos, Australia’s flourishing with possibilities! Want to try spending a year to do some soul-searching? We have amazing work starter packs and travel assistance for those who are interested! Bringing you closer to Australia has never been easier!

Latin America


Imagine yourself relaxing on a white sandy beach, coconut drink in hand, and getting a tan in the best locations in Latin America. We can turn your imaginations into a reality. With Olympic Peninsula Travel, you can book tickets to Tahiti, Fiji, and other beautiful locations, hassle free! Check out our blog to know the best activities to do with the friendly locals!



This place is for those fearless wanderers ready for anything. If you’re on a mission, Olympic Peninsula Travel will join you. From Kilimanjaro to Cape Town, we will be with you every step of the way. Like you, we’re fearless too, and ready to lay our lives down for your adventurous needs! Join us for the trip of your life!



Ask anyone about where to go at least once in your life. Most probably, they’ll say, “go to Europe.” If you’re into architecture, fine art, scenic locations, and scrumptious food, Europe is a no brainer. Europe has everything you’ll ever need, and more! Parties and other cultural events await your presence in the streets of Europe! If you’re looking for a good time, Europe is the place to be, and we’ll bring you there!